Welcome To The Story Vault

My buddy traded some vape supplies for an ancient Greek Coin. Wait until you hear how much he sold it for...

Another buddy got to open a security deposit box that had been locked up tight for over 70 years. Bet you can't guess what's inside.

Why they paint eyes on their cows butts in Botswana and how that concept could make you a small fortune.

All this and more inside The Story Vault! Enter your info to the left to get access!

The Things I Keep In My Vault...

You may or may not know this but our shop has a vault, just like a miniature Fort Knox, to keep our clients goods safe.

We lend people money on their valuables and store those valuables in our vaults until they come to pay off the loan and collect their items.

Over the years there have been countless treasures big and small that have been kept safe in our vaults.

And possibly even more valuable than the items themselves are the stories that go along with them.

You could say that the real treasure we have been collecting in our vaults are the stories.

I feel like these stories need to be told so I have decided to “open up the vault” (the one with the stories of course... Sorry, the one with the physical goods will be kept locked down tight!).

Welcome to The Story Vault!

Enter your information below to gain access to the vault!

Here's what you can expect inside:

-81% Entertainment - Humans are hard-wired to listen to and enjoy stories.

-22% Comedy - You might even laugh out loud

-13% Promotional - We are a business after all and aim to provide you amazing service

-20% Good Deals - On stuff you want and need

-7% Obnoxious - Because anything interesting is bound to be a little obnoxious

-23% Inspiration - You may find yourself wanting to jump up and run a marathon, you are so inspired.

-17% Controversial - If hearing anything you disagree with has you running for your “safe space” you might as well run there now and save us both the frustration.

-18% Bizarre - There have been some very strange items and stories come through the vault doors.

-3.5% Blatant sales pitch

And yes, I realize that is more than 100%. That’s because we always give 204.5% around here.

So take a step inside The Vault if you dare!